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QQ Group Sdn Bhd is a commercially oriented aquaculture producer in Johor, located in southern part of West Malaysia. It was founded in 2013 and constituted of 15 subsidiary companies, namely QQ Supreme Sdn Bhd, QQ Management Holdings Sdn Bhd, QQ Aqua Synergy Sdn Bhd, QQ Farm Sdn Bhd, QQ Lyron Trading, QQ Marine Sdn Bhd, QQ Miracles Sdn Bhd, QQ Perfect Sdn Bhd, QQ Plentiful Sdn Bhd, QQ Premium Sdn Bhd, QQ Premium Seafood Sdn Bhd, QQ Products Sdn Bhd, QQ Sea Products Sdn Bhd, QQ Trading Sdn Bhd, QQ Unique Sdn Bhd, QQ Webs Sdn Bhd, Idaman Hosei Sdn Bhd and Oceanworld Group Sdn Bhd. Their business offices are located together in headquarter based in Johor Bahru which is located 33km away from the Senai Airport, 63km away from Singapore Changi Airport, 15km away from Pasir Gudang port and 30km from PTP port.

The overall occupied area including processing plant and farm is 190 hectare, approximate 300 ponds. Major business activities and products included culturing black tiger prawn, manufacturing, storage, and distribute frozen and live prawn to local and overseas market. By using high quality feed and anti-biotic free breeding method, produce more than 2,000 tons annually and continue to in the process of increasing.

QQ Group shows the concept of “Brotherhood enterprise, together we stand’. Engaged in aquatic business for over 18 years and total number of staff is exceeding 300 over the years. We successfully transformed the role of farmer into the entire industrial covering the business of  distributing, wholesales, live seafood provide, frozen processing and end customer service. By optimization of knowledge frameworks, we’ve built theoretical and experienced team for management as well as operation which to provide customers with the best quality products at the most favourable price.

QQ Group Sdn Bhd是柔佛州的水产养殖生產商,位于马来西亚南部。总部成立于2013年,由15家子公司组成。地点位于柔佛州,距士乃机场33公里、新加坡樟宜机场63公里、巴西古当港口15公里、丹戎帕拉帕斯港口30公里。


QQ Group Sdn Bhd展示了”兄弟企业,一同站立”的理念。从事水产业务18年以上,员工总数超过300人。我们成功地将渔民的角色转变为工业化,涵盖:捕获、分销、加工、批发、现场配送和客户服务的业务。通过最优化知识的理论构架,我们建立了经验丰富的管理和运营团队,以最优质的价格为客户提供最优良的产品。


To penetrate into local and international markets of seafood industry and become a reliable producer for shrimp within the industry


  • To expand local and international markets
  • To develop and increase agricultural farms
  • Reaching the level of international companies by creating overseas market expansion
  • To achieve consumer confidence in live shrimp products, tiger shrimp and white shrimp have reached ISO level.





  • 拓展本地与国际市场
  • 发展与增加农业市场
  • 通过拓展海外市场扩张产品达至国际水平。
  • 产品已达至ISO水平,以实现消费者对产品的信心。