Supreme (Frozen) Prawn

Supreme (Frozen) Prawn

Flash freezing is a process in which food is very quickly frozen at extremely cold temperature .In commercial processing , food are flash frozen so that as many nutrients are retained as possible , and to make sure the food is as fresh and flavorful as it can be .

There are all methods of freezing specific food item for export .


  • IQF stand for word Individual Quick Freezing.This is a method that is used to freeze small sea food and fruits at every fast rate which is within minutes,this method helps the freezed Product to retain its colour,shape,taste,smell and texture .
  • Semi IQF is similar to the IQF but in this particular method, a thin film of water is poured unto the surface of the product and the freezing is done on it.
  • Block Frozen method uses a fast freezing method but ice crystal are formed on the product, this helps to improve the products shelf life and also it improves the product quality.

Raw Black Tiger Prawn (Head-on shell-on)

Panaeus Monodon , commonly known as the giant tiger prawn , is a marine crustacean.

Cooked Black Tiger Prawn (Head-on shell-on)

The taste of tiger prawn is tender and delicious ,boneless ,eat neither fishy , is welcoming for all ages people.

Export arrangement

100% of product within the standards of the importing countries and customer requirement .
100% 符合进口国产品标准和客户需求。

QQ Supreme Sdn Bhd

QQ Supreme was established at years 2018.We are  fully concentrating in process of prawn’s frozen processing plan.Our objective is to produce high quality and safe product that meet customer requirements.
QQ supreme 成立于2018年,我们是专注于冷冻与加工企业。目标是生产符合顾客要求高品质与安全的产品。



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